21 05

Abel Ferrara Siberia

Siberia directed by Abel Ferrara was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, where it premiered on 24 February 2020. Italian dub of Stefania Rocca recorded at Sudestudio.

21 05

Dior Cruise 2021 Collection

Watch the Dior Cruise 2021 show from Maria Grazia Chiuri in its entirety, unveiled in a spectacular setting in the historical Italian city of Lecce, and a celebration of the beauty, history and tradition of the surrounding region, Puglia. Soundtrack arranged by Paolo Buonvino, recorded at Sudestudio. Documentary directed by Edoardo Winspeare

21 05

Calibro 35

A film tells the journey of Calibro 35 in Puglia in the strange summer of 2020 Apulia Momentum, documentary and video art by Marica De Michele, who followed the band from Milan on their journey, including a stop at the Locus Festival in Locorotondo, for the streaming concert at the archaeological site of Egnazia, and down in Salento for a recording session at Sudestudio of Guagnano.

28 04

Indoor / Good Fuck

Tim Kinsella (Joan Of Arc, Cap’n’Jazz) and Jenny Pulse performed live as Good Fuck for our first Sudestudio Indoor session.

Watch the video

15 02

Beirut in studio

Beirut’s new album Gallipoli has been recorded at Sudestudio by Gabe Wax.



Giorgio Tuma New Fabled Stories

We offer high-end, digital and analog audio services with 20+ years studio experience in sound production and the use of gear.  We have worked with many different projects from pop to experimental, acoustic to electronic, and in many different setups, from large ensembles to loud bands. We work on film/sync and can provide mobile studio services.

Unattended online/remote

Most services can also be performed through unattended sessions, we will provide links to send over your work and a remote connection setup where appropriate.

Audio Recording

Our objective is to work with you towards obtaining your ideal sound and execute the best recording possible.

To get there is a variety of choices thanks to our two recording rooms with different sound characteristics boasting an exquisite vibrancy, and a vast selection of instruments and equipment at the musician and producer disposal. We offer superb microphones, preamps, and studio instruments to perform.

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Mix and Edit

We offer state of the art mix and editing in two fully equipped control rooms using widely supported platforms (Steinberg Nuendo or Cubase, Avid Pro Tools).

What we require

WAV or AIFF files (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHz). These should be bounced from bar one and all be the same sample rate. If your DAW has a normalise option when bouncing, please make sure it is turned off.

When you bring your files, please provide us with as many mix notes as possible regarding production, mixing effects and audio references to help us understand the sound you’d like.

We ask that you please supply dry multi-track files, with no reverb or effects. If you feel that a specific effect, processing or creative element (filter sweeps, delays etc.) is an integral part of the sound please provide a clearly labelled ‘Dry Safety’ version of your track within your ‘Reference Audio’ folder when you submit your project. References won’t be counted as an additional tracks.

Available unattended

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Sudestudio provides audio mastering services, the final and often fundamental step in the making of a recording.

Mastering a recording gives the highest audio refinement of the mixed tracks and provides enhancements in dynamics, volume, stereophony and frequency content, to ensure a perfect reproduction on any audio media and system. The sound obtained during the mix can also be further characterised and customised in the mastering phase.

We perform analog and digital mastering, or use both analog and digital techniques to exploit the best sonic properties of both approaches.

What we require

See requirements in mix and edit.

Available unattended

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Sync, Dubbing, Film Sound

We provide professional audio post production services for cinema, television, and streaming including ADR, Foley and immersive mixes for all kinds of sound formats.

Our recording rooms/booths and mixing rooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and software, where you’ll work alongside our engineers with decades of experience in audio post production.

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Mobile Studio

Our mobile recording studio rigs offer up to 48 discreet channels of audio recording.

We use the same microphones and preamps for live recording as we do in the studio. With our equipment you benefit from an excellent selection of mics such as Neumann, Royer, AKG, Schoeps and DPA.

Each performance or event is then thoroughly post-produced at the studio.

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