21 05

Abel Ferrara Siberia

Siberia directed by Abel Ferrara was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, where it premiered on 24 February 2020. Italian dub of Stefania Rocca recorded at Sudestudio.

21 05

Dior Cruise 2021 Collection

Watch the Dior Cruise 2021 show from Maria Grazia Chiuri in its entirety, unveiled in a spectacular setting in the historical Italian city of Lecce, and a celebration of the beauty, history and tradition of the surrounding region, Puglia. Soundtrack arranged by Paolo Buonvino, recorded at Sudestudio. Documentary directed by Edoardo Winspeare

21 05

Calibro 35

A film tells the journey of Calibro 35 in Puglia in the strange summer of 2020 Apulia Momentum, documentary and video art by Marica De Michele, who followed the band from Milan on their journey, including a stop at the Locus Festival in Locorotondo, for the streaming concert at the archaeological site of Egnazia, and down in Salento for a recording session at Sudestudio of Guagnano.

28 04

Indoor / Good Fuck

Tim Kinsella (Joan Of Arc, Cap’n’Jazz) and Jenny Pulse performed live as Good Fuck for our first Sudestudio Indoor session.

Watch the video

15 02

Beirut in studio

Beirut’s new album Gallipoli has been recorded at Sudestudio by Gabe Wax.



Giorgio Tuma New Fabled Stories

Sudestudio consists of 3 purpose engineered and built rooms, connected by large windows to facilitate interplay between musicians. Thanks to the flexibility of the facility, we have worked with a large number of artists, labels and production companies, meeting the most disparate requests.

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Set in the heart of the countryside between an olive grove and a vineyard, only 20 km from the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west. The facility is powered by an independent solar system.

The studio has a large housing space and a huge recreational outdoor area with swimming pool, trampoline and basketball court.

Studio A has a 40m2¬†control room and is equipped with a Amek Mozart series with MZ15 Rupert Neve channels, 48 inputs, 32 bus. With outboard preamps the studio A has a capacity of 96 simultaneous inputs. Sessions can work to tape on a Studer A80 multitrack, or record digitally on the Antelope Galaxy 64-based Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic X, Reaper or Ableton rig. Galaxy 64 offers 4 HXD ports, Madi optical, Dante as well as thunderbolt 3/4 connectivity to any external producer’s laptop.

The headphone monitoring is managed directly by the musicians through Hear Back Personal Monitor and Powerplay P16 up to 24 channels for 46 simultaneous and independent sets.

Engineerd by Donato Masci and designed by Marco Patruno.

Studio B has a surface of 30m2, is equipped with a Mackie 32/8/2 and is totally connected to the Live Room and Studio A, outboard is shared with the latter.

This studio is also used as edit and production room, drum/vocal room, for re-amping or for simultaneous recordings with the Live Room.

Engineerd by Donato Masci and designed by Marco Patruno.

The most appreciated part, the Live Room has a surface of 100m2¬†and a height of 5.5m with floating and automated ceiling diffusers for variable early refections, adding or removing carpets and panels reverberation is flexible between 0.5s and 0.8s. It is a center field where we most often do string or small orchestral sessions, full-band acoustic ensembles, jazz, bluegrass, choral sessions, and other groups who want to share a single room during recording or video shooting. Not as bright, good control on the bass frequencies, it offers a very spacious sound. Very good for general room ambience on amplifiers, vocals and acoustic instruments, it’s equipped with drum booth and vocal booth. The live room boasts an exquisite vibrancy, suitable to many different sounds.

It can accommodate small ensembles and large 50-piece orchestras, as well as bands of any number, the spacious environment made of bright wood is a source of continuous inspiration for musicians.

Engineerd by Donato Masci and designed by Marco Patruno.